Hixie's Natural Log

2002-08-02 13:22 UTC The End

My laptop's hard drive is having serious issues. I hate IBM. Anyway, to make a long story short, I could go offline any day now for an extended period of time, because trying to get a hard disk replaced while jumping from country to country during holidays is not very obvious. :-(

2002-08-01 10:27 UTC Alternative Therapy

Last night I went on a walkabout (that's an Australian aboriginal practice). Quite a short one compared to the typical length, I imagine, clocking in at only eight hours... I did find what I was looking for though. I've made a map showing where I think I went.

2002-07-31 16:43 UTC Sadness

The Cruel one will be with Blue instead of with the guest.

And Abyssinian took a nose dive.

On the plus side, at least I'm getting better at the three ball thing.

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2002-07-22 10:46 UTC Throwing Fire Ball 4s from a tree is so much fun

After an exhausting weekend saving Draxia from the four elemental Dark Ones (with help from the Ba Da Boom tribe), I am glad to see that the real world is a happy place after all.

This human is a star, I wish we had more like him.

This cat is very lucky, although he points out several flaws in the system (1. why are cats held in the baggage hold instead of with the humans, 2. why did the airline not find it while searching the it in the first place, and 3. why does Britain have a six month quarantine law).

And finally, these cows should be praised for their friendliness.

2002-07-16 08:52 UTC Calling all psychiatrists

I am really concerned for hyatt's mental health. First he goes to work for Apple (!!) and now he's considering getting a dog!! The guy is obviously ill. Does he not realise that mowmows are the holy creatures worthy of his worship and not dogs?