Hixie's Natural Log

2002-06-24 00:38 UTC Hello from Bristol

These W3C folk kidnapped me today and forced me to submit to their perverse semantic web fantasies. Crazy people! My unexpected hosts have a TiVo which is connected to their wireless network, which is cool, but their TiVo-to-Pace-cable-box adapter doesn't work, which is not.

This unexpected event has left me laptopless. This is a horrifying experience. I clearly will have to go home tomorrow to pick it up, then come back, so that I have it and can escape and go home.

2002-06-22 22:47 UTC This is why we now have review and super review

Mozilla has many competent programmers.

2002-06-22 02:57 UTC I visited the big room

Today I did touristy things around Bath with my guest. I've lived here three years, you'd think I'd know the place better by now....

2002-06-20 11:00 UTC "Working" may be a bit of a strong word

Ok, who is the joker who is stroking Blake's ego?

From a question and answer forum about Mozilla:

Mountain View, CA: Are most of the original Netscape employees still working on Mozilla? I have been looking through Bugzilla and I don't recognize too many of the names. One name that keeps popping up is Blake Ross, though -- he seems to be an amazing developer.

Now, I'm pretty sure that whoever wrote in from Mountain View, CA actually knew exactly who Blake was, since that's where mozilla.org is based...

2002-06-18 12:55 UTC Hour 22

It's been 22 hours since my power adapter failed.

After the fourth hour of sitting at my desk, at a loss for what to do, I decided to enter the sleep state, in the hope that upon my return to the conscious I would find a new power adapter at my door and be able to return to the online world.

Unfortunately, the power adapter did not materialise. At this point, I noticed a bright light on the other side of the door where I had hoped to discover the replacement adapter, and went investigating in trepidation.

It turns out that on the other side of the door there is another room, a larger room, with a very bright white light hanging from the ceiling. The ceiling itself is painted blue with irregular fluffy white patterns.

I could not remain in this big room for long, however, as my eyes could not adapt to the intense lighting. I therefore returned to my little room and began investigating its contents.

After a few hours of following Ethernet cables in the hope of finding another computer that I could use, I made a startling discovery. It is a big red device, with a long flexible hose, called a Vacuum Cleaner. This mysterious device appears to use the same kind of power as my my defective power adapter, but instead of opening the online world, it makes a loud humming sound and attempts to suck air through its hose.

I have not yet determined the use, if any, of this strange yet enticing device.

Just as I was entering this log entry, I received a new, working, power adapter. Further investigation of this strange world will have to be suspended for now.