Hixie's Natural Log

2008-12-24 06:53 UTC Opening doors

Sometimes when the cats go out we leave it ajar but held to by a door stop (typically a plank of wood). We do this because otherwise the door will swing open. The easy way to open the door then is just to push on it. This is what Pillar does. Hedral on the other hand has two techniques. His first and favourite technique is to call to Pillar and get her to open it. His second technique is quite clever. He leans on the door until it is barely open enough for him to put his paw through, and then he grasps the door and pulls it shut, then lets go of the door, letting it swing open again, hitting the door stop. This pushes the door stop a tiny bit. He then repeats this, and slowly the door opens more and more until it is just enough to squeeze through.