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2008-04-22 02:46 UTC Media queries and performance in Acid3 (and an error on my part)

David Baron of Mozilla discovered some errors in the Acid3 test. It turns out that the Media Queries draft changed between 2002 and 2007, and I was testing things as they stood in the 2002 version of the specification! This has now been fixed. He also found a logic error that I'd made, which I have also fixed.

I'm really glad to see the Acid3 test being reviewed so carefully. With something so complex it's always possible that there are more errors, though, so if you find any more please let me know!

On a related note, the last two posts I made discussed the performance aspect of Acid3, and how to determine if a browser has passed the "smoothness" criteria. While I covered how to test browsers that run on regular laptop computers, there are of course a lot of browsers out there that run on computers that aren't, and never will be, as powerful as high-end laptops. So for the record: if the test is run on a slow computer or device, it may run slowly or not smoothly and this does not imply non-conformance.

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