Hixie's Natural Log

2007-05-19 06:37 UTC Keeping busy, with cats

I'm sitting in the Green Room of the Lucie Stern theatre in Palo Alto, where I'm volunteering on the stage crew of The Merry Widow. Actually for this performance I'm volunteering as a stage crew substitute for when other crew members can't make it. I didn't want to do a third Opera in a row (I was on the crew of Macbeth and The Queen of Spades earlier this season).

I asked Nadia to entertain me and she gave me two pages, one full of tracking shots and one full of 3000 cats. My friends know me well.

Speaking of Cats, and friends, Brian, Lisa, her parents, Carey, and myself went to see the Moscow Cats Theatre at the Palace of Fine Arts in the city. I was wearing my cat socks and my "CAT PERSON" t-shirt, and Carey and I were sitting front row centre. As you might imagine, I ended up on stage for one of the tricks; a cat jumped back and forth on my back! It was awesome.

Everyone should watch Richard Feynman's interview with the Horizon programme. And then read the book Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman!. He's one of my heroes. (Bernard from Yes, Minister being the main other one, but he's fictional.)

In completely other news, the W3C HTML working group (join) agreed to using the WHATWG specs! We've come a long way since 2004 (see the end of the post immediately before the announcement for a chuckle). Although it's a little weird; the group decided to use HTML 5, and then Dan immediately stopped anyone from discussion anything, and nothing has happened in the week since. Well, nothing at the W3C. The WHATWG has continued working on the HTML 5 spec, which is now also an official W3C editor's draft. Just check out the list of changes for last week.

By the way, the WHATWG site (and this Web log, and lots of other sites I use) are all now carbon neutral, hosted by DreamHost. Nice guys. I'd recommend them.

Talking about HTML, Tantek has started pushing for a new acronym for me to add to my list of acronyms that don't mean anything new: now, in addition to DHTML, REST, and AJAX, he is adding POSH. Plain Old Semantic HTML. It's actually a pretty good thing to be pushing for. I encourage everyone to publish POSH.