Hixie's Natural Log

2006-06-25 23:23 UTC Yosemite (and stuff)

I love how Microsoft announce all their news long before they actually do whatever it is they announced. "Our next operating system will rock! In three years. Maybe four." "Our browser is going to be amazing! It will ship next year." "Our search engine will be better than the competition! In six months." (That last one is especially funny to me since they keep saying it every six months, as far as I can tell.) But I'm especially amused by the latest one: "Our CEO will quit! In two years."

Can't fault them for consistency.

My parents came to visit so we went to see Yosemite. On the way we stopped at the self-proclaimed oldest saloon in California.

Yosemite is a mountainous area. It's hard to explain the sheer scale of some of the cliffs in and around Yosemite valley; photographs don't do it justice.

Yosemite has cute wildlife (as well as insects). We didn't see any bears or mountain lions, but we did see lots of birds, squirrels, and deers.

And of course, trees.

I'm getting to really like Amazon. I'm a little scared by quite how easy they make spending money. I've got to learn not to use Free Super Saver Shipping, though, it's far too slow. Either that, or I need to start buying stuff more often, so that I have a steady stream of packages arriving. The problem is that buying online doesn't give me the instant satisfaction of buying in a shop. Although... iTunes even beats shops, you get the stuff Right Then, without having to even get dressed. Er, I mean, without having to go to a shop. Right.

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