Hixie's Natural Log

2006-05-26 21:21 UTC Late Spring 2006 Travelog: Part 12 (Homecoming)

A day late, but I'm coming home at last.

Incidentally, I'm posting this from aboard an Airbus A340-600, which is the first plane I've been on where the toilets have their own deck. It's a nice configuration. I mean, we're packed in like sardines back here in "Economy", but relative to other 11 hour flights, this isn't too bad.

The latency on this connection is pretty impressive too, it's below 900ms to Wilhelm's box in Trondheim (where I have my IRC client running) and about 1.5s to hixie.ch (which is in LA, and is where I have pine running). This is actually better than I had when blogging from Håkon's boat.

I think I've now been online from every major kind of transportation — while walking, while cycling (well, while on my bike, the bike was stationary), while in a car, while on a train, while in a boat, while on a plane. Am I missing anything? I haven't yet been online from a bus, though I've been in a bus with a wireless router, so there wasn't really a good reason for me not to have gone online.

I hear this weekend is a three day weekend. I sure hope Burrito Real isn't closed. Otherwise, what will I eat???