Hixie's Natural Log

2006-01-17 23:30 UTC Memory Leaks

Yesterday was mlk day. I think it's great that this country values good programming practices to the extent of having days dedicated to solving programming problems, but it seems that most people took the day off, so I guess it wasn't that successful. Maybe everyone is using garbage collectors these days or something.

Kerz and I are still working hard on our layout. I'd love to have enough room to be able to include something like a typical mid-size yard, but instead we're having to do with just a few small industry tracks. We recently made a joint purchase of a class 602 and its intermediate cars. I'm not a fan of model passenger trains normally but this baby is seriously awesome. I used to be very skeptical of sound effects in trains. That has all changed now, though. Märklin's sound effects modules are as high-quality as the rest of their workmanship. The 602 sounds like a real train right down to the individual brake squeals. In fact now I really regret missing the chance of buying the Ae 6/6 double set which came out last summer — it had full mfx everything.

Speaking of which, kerz recently informed me that the Central Station actually is a Linux embedded system that you can SSH into. This increases my interest in it substantially.

On another note, I learnt Ancient over the weekend. Now I understand how it is that even Maybourne could read it. I wish Norwegian had been as easy for me to learn...