Hixie's Natural Log

2005-11-14 02:13 UTC Keeping busy again

Too tired for commentary.

Today I went on an 80km cycle ride with some Googlers. They were faster than me. It was good though. (Steven's Creek Trail, Rancho San Antonio, and Alpine Road, plus getting to each of those places.)

Friday we went to Jay's party.

Wednesday we had Games Night.

I can't remember the last day where I didn't have at least one burrito.

It's November and the weather is such that we almost always eat outdoors for lunch.

Volunteered for a couple of things next year.

XBL2 is nearly done, as is the update to the Selectors spec.

I saw Chicken Little last weekend. I was not impressed. It's weird, there are some companies (Pixar, Apple) who have it, and some (Disney, Microsoft) who don't. I guess this applies to all groups of people, and even individuals. I think "it" is the desire to do good, to help, to provide Quality, as opposed to a desire to make money.

What's funny is that those who set out to make money may or may not succeed, but always fail to make Quality; whereas those who set out to make a product or provide a service may or may not succeed, but are also capable of making money.

In other words, nothing guarentees that you'll make money or that you'll make Quality, but if your goal is to make money, you won't make Quality.

Or something. I may be wrong here.