Hixie's Natural Log

2005-08-31 10:05 UTC Cor-ai

If someone accused me of writing sentences that made people go cross-eyed, I'd have to plead guilty. While trying to define the first draft of the client-side persistent storage API in HTML5, I just ended up writing the following:

When the setItem() method is called on a Storage object that is associated with a global storage entry for a domain d and was created by a StorageList object associated with a Window object x, then in every DocumentWindow object whose Window object is not x and whose globalStorage attribute's StorageList object's getDomain() method would not raise a security exception according to the rules above if it was invoked with the domain d, a storage event must be fired, as described below.

My only defence is that I'm just trying to be exact!

People are already trying to find better ways to phrase it, so don't be surprised if, by the time you check the spec, the sentence has been replaced by something much saner.

As always, feedback on WHATWG specs is welcome.