Hixie's Natural Log

2005-06-28 00:21 UTC Homecoming

This weekend was the Gay Pride Parade in Oslo (and pretty much everywhere else, but I live in Oslo, so that's where it was as far as I am concerned).

The quite ubiquitous repression of homosexuality, and the quite wide-reaching homophobic tendencies of the world's current cultures and laws, are things that annoy me. I really don't understand why so many people have issues with people who are not "average".

I didn't go to see the parade though. This weekend was host to ARCON21, a festival of, amongst other things, board games and role-playing games. For better or worse I am much more active in my support of gaming minorities than I am sexual minorities.

ARCON21's programme included multiple games of 1856, my favourite board game.

I didn't go to ARCON21, though. This weekend was my rare opportunity to go LARPing with my old larping buddies from university, so I bought plane tickets to fly to the UK and become a druid again.

LARPing is probably the clothed activity that I like doing the most. It's fun, it's exciting, it's challenging, it's just brilliant.

I didn't go LARPing.

My flight was over-booked and I was moved to a flight 5 hours later. Not a problem, I thought, I could still make the train to Wales and get a taxi to the camping site. I'd miss the evening's introductory time-in, but that's not always that serious, and I can always meet the party on the way — my character is a free-lance researcher, after all.

The flight I was moved to was delayed an hour by a technical fault. Not too much of a problem, I figure, there's a later train I can catch.

The flight was further delayed another hour due to the runway being too busy to accomodate another flight. Still manageable, I decided; after all, the last train to Wales is quite late.

My baggage didn't get to Heathrow when I did.

No tent. No sleeping bag. No change of clothes. No druid cloak. No character sheet.

This weekend was also the going away part for my brother Hal, who is leaving the UK and going to live in Greece. I went to that and played with one of my nieces.

All's well that ends well, I guess.