Hixie's Natural Log

2005-06-19 20:36 UTC Time for a second round of sacrifices

The CSS working group published a new edition of CSS2.1 recently (we last did this about two years ago). The changes were mostly editorial, fixing loopholes and aligning the spec with reality.

In other news, Nadia came to visit on her way back from Budapset. It took her a day or so to adjust to living in a civilised country again. Since she has already described where we went, I'll provide just the names of the places (in the same order, for the three people who care enough to compare notes): Outland in Østbanehallen; Avalon on Akersgata; Edwis in Oslo City; Pentagon Army on Storgata; Karl Johans gate; Frogner Park; Holmenkollen's sky jump arena and museum; and finally A Touch of France, on Øvre Slottsgate.

Before Nadia arrived my laptop died, and since I need my laptop to run my trains, I had packed them away. However, my laptop is now up and running again, and as soon as I can work out how to reconfigure ion so that its unintuitive default key config stops conflicting with all my programs, I'll have to take them out again and build an even bigger layout. Which will probably mean buying more track. And more rolling stock. Mmmmmm... What should I model this time?