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2005-03-18 01:03 UTC CSS2.1 is CSS2

Just to clarify something about CSS2.1.

The name "CSS2.1" is short for "CSS Level 2, Revision 1". It's an update of the earlier W3C CSS2 Recomendation. CSS2.1 is still "CSS2", it's just the revised version.

When someone asks for a browser to support CSS2, it is implied that what they want is for the browser to support the current revision of CSS2, namely, CSS2 revision 1.

CSS2.1 is in CR, which is the call for implementations stage. It is appropriate for implementors to implement CSS2.1. It is not a draft. The only changes that will be made to the CSS2.1 spec are changes in response to implementors finding errors in the specification, such as contradictory requirements or ambiguities. CSS2 revision 1 is much more implementable than the original CSS2 Recommendation, since it is simply that recommendation, with several years of editorial work applied to fix all the mistakes the working group has found and been told about.

(Note that CSS2.1 and CSS2 are at the same state in the W3C process — they are both at the "call for implementations" stage. The difference is that the name of that stage changed between 1998 and 2004. What used to be called "REC" or "Recommendation" is now called "CR" or "Candidate Recommendation". The new stage currently called "Recommendation", which indicates that the specification has reached a very high level of implementation maturity, didn't exist back in 1998.)

Once again. CSS2 has been updated. The update is called CSS2 revision 1, or CSS2.1 for short. CSS2.1 is still CSS level 2. CSS2.1 is what CSS implementations should be using as reference if they want to implement CSS level 2.

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