Hixie's Natural Log

2005-03-08 16:05 UTC Desperate Measures

It finally got to me. The amount of spam I was receiving finally hit a critical point. I was off the grid for a couple of days, and of the 938 e-mails I had when I got back, half were from automated systems (like Bugzilla), and half were spam, with the remainder (like half a percent or something) being from the three or four dozen mailing lists I'm subscribed to. I think there was one interesting e-mail out of the 938.

So. All my mail now goes through Razor, Spam Assassin (set to a pretty low tolerance level), and GMail's spam filters, before being redirected into my inbox. I don't plan on checking for false positives too much, so if you want me to read your mail, I would encourage:

GMail in particular seems to have no compunction about flagging valid mail as spam if it looks even slightly boring.