Hixie's Natural Log

2004-11-19 14:30 UTC Small and beautiful

I bought a new PlayStation 2 today. I had to, since as mentioned earlier, my old one died, and thus I had been cut off from San Andreas, which is clearly unacceptable.

It's the size of a DVD case. It's quite amazing.

I bought the PS2 with a bank card. This may not seem like a very significant point, but when you consider that I've been using only cash for about a year and six months, it takes on more importance. Yep, today I finally got a bank card from my bank, after two earlier attempts failed due to unspecified incompetence. I still don't have a credit card, but that will have to wait a bit longer. The lack of credit card forced me to pay for my DreamHost hosting by International Wire Transfer. Slight problems with that and the eagerness that DreamHost's automated billing scripts exhibited resulted in the downtime of whatwg.org, spreadfirefox.com, VoidWars, and another two dozen or so sites, and caused me to get bounced from the public SVG list just before some sort of flamewar errupted. Hint: If you're going to send last call comments on a spec, don't follow my example, send some actual technical comments. ☺

I also bought a DVD remote control for the PS2 and Munchkin Bites, the latest in the Munchkin line of card games.

And Kam bought a golden box. The fool.