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2004-11-18 16:33 UTC Winter

Oslo switched to Winter Mode yesteday, going from autumn weather (cold with sunny skies and leaves everywhere) to winter weather (11cm of snow) between when I got to work and when I left for Salsa lessons. The snow apparently caught Sporveien (the bus company) off-guard, which rather surprised me. I mean, hello? This is Norway? It snows every winter? Still, I ran down to town and made it to the lesson at 20:00, just in time. Except apparently we start at 19:30 now. I guess I missed that announcement.

Two more weeks left of "Salsakurs I", then we break for the new year. I'm planning on continuing with Salsakurs II next year; I really enjoyed this course, much more than I had expected.

Today I sent last call comments on a couple of other specs: xml:id and Assigning Media Types to Binary Data in XML.

The former is something XML has needed for a while, I think. One more step along the way to being able to remove DTDs altogether from XML 2.0. I had quite a few comments on xml:id, given that it was such a small spec. In my experience, the XML Core group handle comments well, though, so I'm looking forward to their formal replies. (I sent them comments on XInclude back when that was in last call, and they took all of them into account, I was quite impressed.)

The second spec isn't on the Recommendation track, it's just going to become a Note. My comment was just a query regarding why one part of the spec is needed at all; I'm expecting their reply will be something like "well it isn't really but it would be convenient for some of the other work we're doing", which is probably quite reasonable. Since this spec isn't going to become a REC, I'm not too worried either way (I doubt I'll ever have to work with an implementation, for example).

I was also going to send last call comments on Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition, but I couldn't understand the abstract, so I gave up.

In other news, my PlayStation 2 died. I will have to purchase a second unit. I hope they have those slim ones in stock in Oslo! I can't go without playing San Andreas for much longer!

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