Hixie's Natural Log

2004-11-14 22:28 UTC Keeping busy

Played Monopoly and, of course, lots of San Andreas.

Saw The Incredibles again. In fact a good dozen or so Opera people went to see it at the same time, it was quite amusing. Then we went to the pub for a while.

Went to an installasjonsfest organised by the OLUG people, and subscribed to their mailing list and joined their IRC channel.

Been spending most meals recently eating out with my parents, who are visiting for a week.

Am reading Quicksilver. (What is with Neal's sites using so much Flash!)

Am attending Salsa lessons. Great fun.

Responding to mail on the WHATWG list, and, in tandem, editing the WHATWG specs (which we're half-seriously collectively calling "HTML5"). Some interesting problems are coming up here, like how to handle headers when you nest the new section elements. Lots of discussion on the list about that one.

Still taking part in the SVG 1.2 Last Call comment threads. Last Call is your opportunity to help the SVG working group make the spec perfect. If you don't send your comments now, then you will have no right to complain if you don't like the spec later! This includes if you agree with comments people have already sent to the list — it isn't rude to send redundant comments, indeed when the CSS working group was going through CSS2.1 Last Call, we found it very useful to know which issues were issues that just one person was worried about, and which issues multiple people felt strongly about.

Generally, keeping busy.

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