Hixie's Natural Log

2004-05-28 19:14 UTC Spring 2004 Travelog: Part 3 (Poker)

Yesterday I was dealt my first hand of poker. An interesting game. Should be easy to write a decent Web-based version. I wonder how easy it would be to write an artificial player.

Today, we are going to be playing Monopoly, with our all-deals-allowed rules. Loans. Insurance. Shared rent agreements. I can't wait. (I always lose, but that's not the point.) I've already written an Internet-based version of Monopoly.

Yesterday I saw Miracle, today I'm probably going to see Soul Plane.

Earlier today I also went to Fry's Electronics in Palo Alto to see if they had a Linux-based PDA. They didn't, unfortunately.

Now I'm off to La Fiesta for lunch. Grandma's Especial Enchiladas.

As you can see I'm working really hard here.