Hixie's Natural Log

2004-01-13 10:59 UTC Confusing spam

Maybe I've missed something. I don't know. Or maybe this is a joke. I just got a spam with the subject line This letter can only define Nigeria Scam, a.k.a 419, which starts off explaining what 419 spam is, saying that much of Nigeria's government is corrupt, and so forth. Fair enough, I thought (curious as to the goal of a spam that explained some of the story behind 419 fraud, even if this wasn't even close to an accurate explanation). Maybe this is ironic educational spam from some well-meaning, although confused, spam fighter.

Then I read paragraph 5:

The point I am making is nothing more than asking you to handle a pure deal of approximately USD$50,000,000.00, which will take approximately two weeks to conclude from here. Then the funds clear in any account of yours after 72hrs upon the remittance.

What? I'm confused. I thought you just said this was a scam?

Maybe they are trying to increase the bar, so that only very gullible people fall for these scams?