Hixie's Natural Log

2003-08-24 17:53 UTC Geeks

Friday I went to Dominion. That's a Goth-themed club, although their venue apparently varies. Friday's venue was a cave, which gave it a very appropriate ambiance.

As the theme was Gothic, many of the people wore black clothing. I don't think it had the intended effect on me. I'm a larper (a live-action roleplayer), and in larps, everyone wears black clothing under their costumes, so that they can easily switch character simply by changing their overalls. For example you might throw on a green tabbard and be a peasant, or you might put on an orange cloak and be a druid.

So I generally consider black clothing to be underwear.

Actually, there were quite a few larpers there. In fact, everyone there was a geek of some sort. I met some interesting people.

I also took some interesting pictures. Or rather, I took pictures of interesting scenes. The pictures themselves aren't too interesting. You see, unfortunately, the cave was very dimly lit, so most of the pictures look like big expanses of black with small bright dots clustered around slightly less black expanses. Eira took some much better pictures, but that's because she cheated. She used a flash.

Of course that meant that every time she took a picture, the people she photographed were left blind for several minutes afterwards. Cecilie explained to me that this is how people who go to Dominion events expect to hook up. Basically the blinding effect of the flash has much the same effect as alcohol. You no longer see how ugly the people you are talking to are.

This theory would also explain why people start to complain if Eira doesn't take enough photos at Dominion events.

Today I got up early to get to the airport in time to receive Tantek and David. This week is one of our quarterly CSS Working Group face to face meetings. I have one goal for this meeting.

Finishing the CSS2.1 last call working draft.

If we don't finish this draft, I'm going to— we will finish this draft. The work starts tonight, with a CSS2.1 Editors meeting. In fact as we speak Tantek is fixing his pending changes.

Earlier we went on Håkon's boat, the 404 Not Found. This time there was more wind than the last time I went, so being dragged along was a bit more effort. Lots of fun though!

Excitement abounded when we nearly lost Tantek as the cord he was leaning against snapped and he went crashing into the fjord. Thankfully quick reactions from everyone except me resulted in a quick rescue. (It really was everyone except me. I heard a splash and looked to my left to find out what it was. Not seeing anything, I turned to my right and discovered Tantek trailing outside the boat, holding on to a dangling rope, being helped up by Jim.)

We stopped for lunch on what I call Rabbit Island, an island in the Oslo fjord that is overrun by rabbits. I have lots of photos of the rabbits that I took last time I was there, but I'm sure you've all seen rabbits before, so I won't bore you with that.

Now we're lounging about at Håkon's. Daniel stepped up as cook, so we're going to have some Saumon à la Daniel. It smells nice.

Geeks At Play (or is it work? hard to tell): Everyone sat down and got their laptops.

Bon Appetit!