Hixie's Natural Log

2003-08-18 15:50 UTC I like Bergen now! ☺

Life's a show

Tim and I spent the weekend at Eira's in Bergen.

And we all play our parts

We visited some parts of the town briefly... it reminded me of Geneva, and Switzerland generally. I really feel much safer when there are mountains on all sides. I know it's silly, but when you grew up with mountains all around, it just feels like home. Bergen has a lot of really quite cool fountains, too. One of them has stepping stones.

And when the music starts

We visited the mall, where we bought some Mövenpick sorbets, which are clearly the nicest sorbets ever.

We open up our hearts.

The mall reminded me of Hogwarts: It was a mess of escalators.

It's all right

We then visited a pet shop randomly. This was a cool pet shop. They of course sold normal pets, such as this ordinary kind of fish:

White fish â… : Your typical white fish with red markings.

White fish â…¡: More typical white fish with red and black markings.

If some things come out wrong

But they also sold more exotic animals:

Undead fish: Fish that apparently consisted of a head and a skeleton, but nothing else.

Dinosaur â… : A green and yellow dinosaur with red eyes.

Dinosaur â…¡: The dinosaur was for sale with a dinosaur tank fully equipped with stones pieces of wood, and gravel.

We'll sing a happy song

Back at the flat, Eira and I spent many hours of the weekend watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 5, sometimes with company (hi Cecilie). We also watched the best Buffy episode, Once More, With Feeling. I'm listening to my soundtrack CD from that episode right now. I also got to see Eira's ferrets, who are very cute, although not as cute as most kittens; and we made candy, which was fun (note: it is insanely hard to make shaped candy).

And you can sing along.

Anyway. Hopefully I'll go back to Bergen soon!

They got, the mustard, out!