Hixie's Natural Log

2003-08-10 21:20 UTC Back from the boat race

Today was great! Loads of fun.

I couldn't tell who won the race... I think the helicopters were ahead at the start, but then one of them cheated, so I guess the boat team won instead. We didn't watch the whole race. It was pretty boring once the initial excitement was over.

We had a picnic on rabbit island, which was nice, then the wind picked up so we put up the sails and switched to wind power. Getting towed by the boat is great fun too.

In other news, I noticed that Aaron found a way to (ab?)use pingbacks as a way to add comments — fair's fair, is what I say. I generally dislike comments on Web logs because most of the comments are just stupid (just look at the comments on Hyatt's past entries or on some of diveintomark's posts), but hopefully the barrier to entry to writing such comments is high enough! Just so long as nobody writes a script to automate it...

Speaking of data: URLs, great news! The latest Opera beta (released just the other day in the Opera newsgroups) supports data: URLs! Horrah! All well-earned praise for this should go to Yngve, who spent just a few hours one day to implement it. Great work. (Yes, the beta crashes if you pass it malformed data: URLs. We know. It's been fixed already, no need to report it.)

Now, I have lots of photos. I think I'm going to have to write myself some Photo Album Management software! This ought to be fun. I haven't done much work with image manipulation before. Lots of ideas come to mind... I'm currently thinking of storing the images in a database and serving them up as data: URLs. I've been told the four main features to have are:

Time to start designing...