Hixie's Natural Log

2003-07-26 14:29 UTC Day 27

Today I went to see some parade in Oslo. Apparently they are trying to copy Berlin's Love Parade. This fact doesn't mean anything to me, since I haven't seen that one.

Anyway, it seems this parade consists of about a dozen floats, each one featuring barely covered girls, dancing to a heavy Techno beat being mixed by a DJ on board, and being blared out at approximately 140dB. I'm pretty sure that seisomgraphs several kilometers away will need to be performing noise reduction on their data. Ahem.

It was actually quite fun, just for the crazy outfits being worn, by offical dancers and spectators alike. There was one (caucasian) guy who was painted completely black, dancing in an orange outline on the penultimate float. I also spotted a couple of girls who were handcuffed to each other with fluffy handcuffs, go figure. Actually, fur seemed to feature quite prominently. I should have worn Hunter's cloak!

Speaking of which, Ludwig points out that some pictures of the 36 hour LARP are now up. See, e.g., the party, having just returned from the final battle. (There are also a few short video clips. If anyone can find the right codec, let me know.)

Yesterday we went to see Basic; surprisingly good film. I'd recommend it.

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