Hixie's Natural Log

2003-07-22 08:30 UTC Day 23

Today I turned off my Bugzilla e-mail and unsubscribed from css-discuss. If you want me look at a Mozilla bug, you're going to have to e-mail me or catch me on IRC.

This isn't because I'm working for Opera, by the way; I also turned off by bug mail when I was working for Netscape. I simply can't get work done and stay on top of my bug mail at the same time.

Yesterday evening I came back from the UK. My flight was fun, because I was within 2m of at least three toddlers, and I like interacting with small kids... they're cute! Well, sometimes. I also managed to clear Oslo customs in about 38 seconds, beating my previous record of clearing Heathrow customs in about 79 seconds. There are Ways and Means to go through them fast. One way is not to say anything. Another is to do exactly what they ask you to do. One would think these points were common sense and stood to reason, but given how long people take to go through customs normally, it would appear not.

Now time to tune in to MIBN Rock and Roll Oldies again and get some work done!