Hixie's Natural Log

2003-07-06 13:32 UTC Day 7

I wrote a bidi testcase yesterday. Bidi is Hard™, and Opera 7.2 beta was the first Opera release with bidi support, so, guess what I have to do! ☺

That was Saturday, though, so one bidi testcase was quite enough thank-you-very-much, and I went into Oslo to take a look around and get my bearings. The weather was most amusing. It was scorching hot, with thunder, black clouds and clear sky, and torrential rain, all at the same time.

Oslo has quite a few street performers of various calibers, as well as a handful of beggars (I'll happily give my cash to the first group, but it seems to me that also giving it to the second somehow devalues the first), lots of pubs and bars and cafés (lots of pubs, bars, and cafés), and so forth. My feet got weary after a few hours of walking around getting semi-lost (on purpose — the best way to learn a new map is to get lost in it), and so I went to sit down in front of a large 1:2.33 screen in a darkened room and watched Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle.

I think the best word to describe that film is "ridiculous". Once I realised quite how ridiculous it was (which took me to at least half way through the second reel), I started enjoying it, although I didn't really like the editing. First of all, it is becoming increasingly clear that the only people who can pull off the "bullet time" effect are the Wachowski brothers, and second, I found the soundtrack quite off-putting.

Still, I've seen a lot worse.

Back in the real world, I'm going to have to find some people who like to go to pubs and night clubs and stuff. Any Opera people up for that? And now I'm getting hungry. Time to raid the fridge.