Hixie's Natural Log

2003-06-25 14:24 UTC Five

Yesterday, I took Narley, Ade, Jules, and Ski out to Las Iguana's. (I somehow managed to actually get a sugar high from my smoothies, which was pretty amusing. There's a good reason I don't drink alcohol...)

Today, I bought a few things, including a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, business class. I was hoping to see my sister this morning but apparently she couldn't come — she's gone off to Glastonbury now. If I understood correctly, she's marshalling, which I understand has something to do with managing data between threads. In fact, most of my friends from around here have gone to Glastonbury... there must be some sort of live reenactment of a multithreaded process there. Susie said something about there being some music, too, so maybe they are going to act out an Ogg decoder. Who knows. Next time I'll try to go along.

In other news: We've been making record speed progress sorting out issues for CSS2.1! Last night Tantek and I spent several hours hashing out a proposal to define text-decoration once and for all, even more carefully than the currently proposed CSS3 definition. Only a couple of weeks ago we had well over a hundred issues open, in various different lists. Now we're down to only 28 issues, of which 22 have reasonably well thought out proposals already, all carefully listed with each issue's summary, its status, a link to the latest e-mail about the issue, what chapter it concerns, who the relevant editor is, and so forth.

I know we've been planning to release the last call draft of CSS2.1 "any day now" for months, but this recent spurt of effort from all the CSS2.1 editors (only slightly slowed down by two of them going on holiday!) means that we really will be able to release 2.1 any day now! Honest!

The next step after sorting out the normative text is to write the test suite. I'll probably start working on that full time in a week or two.