Hixie's Natural Log

2003-06-07 17:40 UTC Is it really necessary?

So apparently Voidwars now has another game running, "A Necessary Evil", also known as "game 2" because it's the second official game.

Go join up already!

We're waiting for 81 players, and this morning we already had 45. I warn you, this game is pretty addictive and may result in reduced productivity.

In other news, I recently bought and installed VC++ .net 2003, one of the few Microsoft products that's actually quite good. (Well, the debugger is, anyway.) I then tried compiling Mozilla on this platform, which ran into a few snags. Turns out Microsoft fixed two of their C++ standards compliance bugs that code in Mozilla was working around. And yes, I am quite strikingly aware of the irony of having Microsoft fix standards compliance bugs and thus causing problems with Mozilla. I'm not really used to it being that way round.

47 players now!