Hixie's Natural Log

2002-12-27 23:21 UTC Birthday movie

Today I went to the cinema to see The Two Towers.

The film was not that impressive. It has a predictable, boring story, and in several cases I was left wondering if I was maybe missing something — in one notable scene in a bar, for instance, the characters appeared to be sharing a private joke to which I wasn't invited. I didn't find the "funny" scenes particularly amusing (although there were a few really funny bits in the "serious" scenes), and I didn't really find I identified with the characters... they all felt like exaggerated stereotypes.

On the other hand, the special effects were very good, in that I didn't notice them... the only reason I know there were some is that I saw an entry for "dog puppet created by" about two thirds of the way through the credits. Also, the acting was very respectable, given the poor screenplay the actors were working from.

Overall it felt like a movie created by following instructions in a textbook or stamped out in some factory in Hollywood, and lacking in any great depth. I wouldn't recommend it.

Oh, by the way, The Two Towers was sold out; I saw Sweet Home Alabama instead.

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