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2002-12-19 22:50 UTC BBC censors musical

BBC2 showed Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode 6.07 Once more with feeling today.

Well that is to say, they showed some of it.

They cut at least 10 minutes!

Spoilers follow.


  1. Everything up to the graveyard scene, including the scene with Buffy and her alarm clock, the scene with Willow, Tara, and Dawn going about their morning business, the key scene where Tara finds the Lethe's Bramble, and the scene with the gang going about their daily lives in the magic shop.
  2. The conversation at the start of the magic shop scene after Something to sing about, from Buffy entering the shop to Buffy's line So no research?, including the bit about Buffy taking (or rather, not taking) Dawn to school.
  3. The end of I've got a theory / Bunnies/ If we're together from Anya's line Or maybe midgets to her line Except for bunnies (including Buffy's line Hey, I've died twice).
  4. Willow's line I thought it was neat.
  5. The section of the dialogue after the song that refers back to the bit of the song that was cut, from Giles' I thought it didn't matter to Buffy's hugs and puppies.
  6. Dawn's line I gave birth to a pterodactyl and Anya's reply Oh, my god. Did it sing?.
  7. Buffy's line The volumey text and Tara's You know....
  8. From Xander's I bet they're... singing to his Oh yeah.
  9. The start of the scene in Xander's apppartment from Anya's Hey baby, you don't have to go to work? to Xander's It's a flab thing (which, oddly, has been replaced with the line You want some breakfast baby? as a voiceover of a shot of his building).
  10. During Spike's Rest in peace, the second half of the second verse, from You know, you got a willing slave to Stop visiting my grave and let me rest in peace.
  11. Dawn's line I just hate it when you... (although the bits on either side of it are still there).
  12. Tara's line Will you be okay for a little while? followed by Dawn's line Yes, the fifteen year old can spend half an hour alone in her locked house.
  13. The first few seconds of the first scene in the Bronze.
  14. Sweet's line at the end of What you feel: Now we're partying... that's what it's all about.
  15. Anya's line: Dawn may have had the wrong idea in summoning this creature but I've seen some of these underworld child-bride deals and they never end well. Maybe once.
  16. Willow's line A little confusion spell could and Tara's response No! I mean, I don't think it'll help.
  17. From Buffy's line So one by one, they turn, from me to Anya's She came from the grave much graver.
  18. Buffy's line You got a name?, Sweet's response I got a hundred and Buffy's reply Well, I oughta know what to call you if you're going to be my brother-in-law.
  19. Sweet's line: Come now. Is that really what you feel?
  20. Buffy's line I think you already know and Sweet smiling impishly.
  21. Dawn's line: The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.
  22. Xander's line Does this mean that I have to... be your queen? and Sweet's line It's tempting... but I think we'll waive that clause just this once.

In fact, about the only thing that it seems the BBC didn't cut is the left and right eigths of the wide screen format, which coincidentally is the only thing that sky|one cut when they showed this episode earlier this year. And you know what, I'd much rather see it in 4:3 ratio with adverts than see it in 16:9 ratio with no adverts but with huge chunks of the plot missing.

The most amusing thing in all this is that the quiz for this episode on the BBC site has two questions (out of ten) that require you to have seen bits that the BBC cut!!!

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