Hixie's Natural Log

2002-10-30 10:24 UTC sdradnats beW dna hcnerF

Goodness, I'm being translated into French now. Whatever next.

Salut les français, comment allez-vous?

In the meantime I've been continuing my reluctant foray into the world of the bidirectionality algorithm (section 13.2). It's a harrowing experience. For example, try to understand this test. And now try to explain Mozilla's behaviour. Or Windows IE's. Once you've done that, explain their behaviour on this supposedly identical test. The difference between the two tests is intended to be irrelevant, unrelated to the actual bidi part of the test. So why do both Mozilla and IE give radically different renderings?

I'm also rather baffled by Windows IE's behaviour on this much simpler test. Sigh. We really still have a long way to go before we have interoperable implementations of Web standards.