Hixie's Natural Log

2002-08-15 16:35 UTC Astrophy's career broadens to include SVG test cases

Jim Ley (of codepiction and EARL fame) stole my lovely original drawing of Astrophy, almost in accordance with my requests to people wanting to do so -- sure Jim, since you credited me, you can use it!

I find it ironic this use of Astrophy is for an accessibility demo considering that the entry reporting its existence cannot be permalinked in a way that works, though. Is there a way to link to a particular "tab" in jibbering.com and have the page open up at that tab? One possibility would be to get the script to check to see (on load) if the page had a fragment identifier, and open the right tab if so. That shouldn't be hard (get the fragment identifier, getElementById() to it, and walk up until you hit the <div class="tab"> element.)

(Actually, there is one way to do it, that's to link to the "simple" version of the page. So here's a link to the entry on the plain page. Not quite the same though.)