Hixie's Natural Log

2002-08-12 22:57 UTC I think a platter may have come loose...

My laptop has started talking to me.

Clunk, it said earlier today. Clunk, Whirr, Clunk.

Scrrrrape, Clunk.

Tonk, tonk, tonk tonk tonk. Whirr-rr.

This was followed by several minutes of eerie silence, and then Scch-clunk!

At the moment, I'm getting I/O errors on every disk access. Literally, every access. I'm only able to post this because Lynx is in memory and executing, without trying to write to disk (I just tried to access Lynx's help screen, and it said Alert!: Unable to access document.). Similarly, I'm posting e-mail only because I managed to get an SSH connection out earlier today and Pine is (reluctantly) running on the remote host.

If I reboot, I'll get a nice message from the BIOS:

Primary hard disk not found.