Hixie's Natural Log

2002-08-05 15:34 UTC Why are all lists purple?

I work on Mozilla, which means I have to have lots of browsers available to test stuff.

I have three debug builds of Mozilla, all at various levels of up-to-dateness. I also have three optimised builds of Mozilla, one with changes, one with custom build options, and one completely clean. Then, there's the Galeon and Mozilla builds that came with my OS, both around version 0.9.4. And a copy of Nautilus from around the same time, and of course Konqueror.

Of these browsers, none work. All have been affected by my hard disk issues in their own ways -- the CVS Mozillas are corrupted beyond recognition, Galeon refuses to load more than one page at a time, Konqueror... well, I can't get that to even load. Nautilus gives me some incomprehensible error message.

So how do I browse the Web these days?


It's painful.