Hixie's Natural Log

2002-07-14 02:07 UTC "He got me invested in some kinda fruit company"

So hyatt has taken leave of his senses and gone to work for Apple. Talk about a step down.

He's probably going to work on some iProduct. Given that hyatt's skills lie mainly in inventing new markup languages and then half-implementing them, one has to wonder what iProduct this could be. Maybe he's going to work on iPhotos (or whatever it's called) and is going to be inventing a new kind of Photo Metadata Language. I already know one person who's working on something like that. Or maybe he's going to invent a language to describe worlds and he's going to spearhead an iWorld application. Yes, that's it. Then MMORPG authors could use that to get their work done quicker. After all, that's what the Mac needs, a killer application to make it useful. (Then again, maybe that's a lost cause...)

This will hopefully be the last time I link to so many Apple sites. Ugh. I feel so dirty.

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