Hixie's Natural Log

2002-06-18 12:55 UTC Hour 22

It's been 22 hours since my power adapter failed.

After the fourth hour of sitting at my desk, at a loss for what to do, I decided to enter the sleep state, in the hope that upon my return to the conscious I would find a new power adapter at my door and be able to return to the online world.

Unfortunately, the power adapter did not materialise. At this point, I noticed a bright light on the other side of the door where I had hoped to discover the replacement adapter, and went investigating in trepidation.

It turns out that on the other side of the door there is another room, a larger room, with a very bright white light hanging from the ceiling. The ceiling itself is painted blue with irregular fluffy white patterns.

I could not remain in this big room for long, however, as my eyes could not adapt to the intense lighting. I therefore returned to my little room and began investigating its contents.

After a few hours of following Ethernet cables in the hope of finding another computer that I could use, I made a startling discovery. It is a big red device, with a long flexible hose, called a Vacuum Cleaner. This mysterious device appears to use the same kind of power as my my defective power adapter, but instead of opening the online world, it makes a loud humming sound and attempts to suck air through its hose.

I have not yet determined the use, if any, of this strange yet enticing device.

Just as I was entering this log entry, I received a new, working, power adapter. Further investigation of this strange world will have to be suspended for now.