Hixie's Natural Log

2002-06-15 04:46 UTC "I feel this urge to walk up to one and press A"

You are 2cm tall, stranded, during your holiday, on an alien planet whose atmosphere (oxygen-based) is toxic to you after you crash-landed on it because your auto-pilot couldn't navigate past a small stone, with 30 days of air remaining.

You find small suicidal creatures that look like the carrots from your home land, and who have this obsession with following you around. You throw them about to collect seeds (for them) and parts of your space craft (for you) while battling the somewhat aggressive wildlife (who are also obsessed with following you around, although for a different reason).

Each day, you write a log entry, describing what new features you have discovered about the mysterious half-plant half-animal creatures of the planet, becoming more and more intrigued in their strange physiology.

That's right, Pikmin came out today. What a ridiculously contrived plot. I'm thinking maybe Nintendo are shipping hallucinogenic drugs along with their development consoles.