Hixie's Natural Log

2002-05-27 03:23 UTC Obviously my Web logging skills are perfect

Some members of the Web logging community clearly still have to master this art. For instance, Blake. He likes to link to other people's logs without using permalinks when responding to them, despite the fact that deep linking would be much better for his readers. Blake even wrote a response to mpt's jibe about hyatt having permalinks by saying that they were buried in the source, but then deleted it when he found that he was wrong -- showing that Blake also still has to learn about persistence of content and responsibility in free speech.

Meanwhile, mpt has to learn to make his quickies-style Web logs' permalinks more meaningful. Someone trying to respond to that mess of only loosely related comments (as I did, indirectly, in response to the last paragraph of mpt recent comments regarding standards compliance) is unable to pinpoint his readers to the exact comment to which he is replying using a simple link.

Hyatt also needs to tune his Web logging skills: he desperately needs to learn about linking at all. He has entire entries, totally devoid of any links at all! One of the corner stones of Web logging is the proliferation of linking, as a method of skewing Google's PageRank™ system.

Pavlov. What Pavlov needs to learn is eloquence. His log entries have been getting shorter and shorter each time he logs, to the point where now they are no more than one word long! Of course that might be simply a result of his time being dedicated to keeping his job. Web logging is a very time consuming hobby.

And finally, all the Mozilla Web loggers bar two clearly need to get with the programme and start hosting RSS feeds. So far Pavlov and I appear to be the only two hip kids in the Mozilla scene.