Hixie's Natural Log

2002-05-11 18:03 UTC Mozilla's top bugs

I've often read mpt's top ten usability problems in Mozilla and thought "oh no, that's not that important" or "oh yes, that should have been fixed yesterday" but I've never bothered to make my own.

Well now that I have my own journal, I feel compelled to foist my own opinion upon the world as if it was gospel. (I had no idea a public journal could give one such a sense of importance. Now I see why everyone is doing it.) So here is my list of Mozilla's top bugs. If you have a Web log of your own, I look forward to reading your analysis of my list. If you don't, then your opinion clearly doesn't matter. After all, if it did, you would be making it public, right? So it stands to reason that only those with Web logs have opinions that matter.