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2010-02-12 09:42 UTC Consistency

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, June 2009, when asked about HTML5: To the extent that an improved HTML standard accelerates innovation and consistent reach for web content, we’re very supportive. (context)

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, February 2010: Adobe supports HTML and its evolution. (context)

Adobe Evangelist Dave McCallister, July 2009: For Adobe, "open" is all aspects of communications and technologies. For us, those are open source, standards, and community. [...] We make sure that we talk to our communities, that we play with the standards groups, [...] We are actually one of the most open companies that are active. (context)

Someone whom I can't identify publicly, since he posted only on one of the secret W3C member lists, contributed to the following thread over the last few days: 1 2 3

Larry Masinter, Adobe, quoted in the minutes of yesterday's weekly phone status report for the HTML working group: do I need to repeat objections?

Net result: the latest publication of HTML5 is now blocked by Adobe, via an objection that has still not been made public (despite yesterday's promise to make it so).

With friends like these...

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