Hixie's Natural Log

2008-11-10 19:41 UTC Autumn 2008 Travelog

The W3C Technical Plenary was a few weeks ago. Other than my hotel room having three separate shower heads, and the restaurants in Mandelieu-La-Napoule being worse than I remembered, there's not much to report. I continue to feel that face-to-face meetings aren't worth the cost (in CO2, time, and money). There's a lot to be said for meeting people in person, certainly. But not enough.

During that week, while I was gone, Pillar came back. After three weeks, during which time we'd mourned her, she knocked on the door nonchalantly and came in, with a broken leg. She unfortunately had to have it amputated (after the veterinarian unsuccessfully tried to save her leg in surgery for hours — apparently it was just broken too low near the ankle, in too bad a way to be saved). Thanks Keth for looking after her while we were gone.

Then, two weeks on the East Coast. The East Coast doesn't do good food, especially far from cities. After a week or so I finally got good food in the West Village at a place called De Santos (no Web site, it appears). Very good food.

We saw a brief documentary film Cosmic Collisions at the Hayden Sphere, an "overhead projector" as McCain would call it, and I decided that our imaginary house would have one of these instead of a TV.

On our way back the TSA told me I couldn't keep my apple juice. I asked if I could drink it first. They said only if I went back outside. I asked if they meant that my apple juice was a danger in the security area but safe outside, and they confirmed that that was the case.