Hixie's Natural Log

2008-03-04 01:19 UTC Moebius

After baking it for several weeks, we have finally decided Acid3 is stable enough to announce it is ready. We'll be working on a guide and other commentary in the coming weeks and months, but it'll take a while — Acid3 is far more complex than Acid2 was.

I have to say straight up that I've been really impressed with the WebKit team. Even before the test was finished, they were actively following up every single bug the test showed. Safari 3 (the last released version) scores 39/100 with bad rendering errors. At the start of last month their nightly builds were scoring about 60/100 with serious rendering errors. Now barely a month later the nightly builds are already up to 87/100 and most of the rendering errors are fixed. That's a serious testament to their commitment to standards. (Also, I have to say, it was quite difficult to find standards compliance bugs in WebKit to use in the test. I had to go the extra mile to get WebKit to score low! This was not the case with most of the other browsers.)

Speaking of standards, and of good news from browser development teams, Microsoft's IE team announced today that they were changing their mind about their mode switch, and that bug fixes they make to their rendering engine will be applied to pages in what HTML5 calls "no-quirks" mode (what has historically been known as "standards mode"). I'd like to congratulate the IE team on this brave decision. It's the right thing for the Web.

Meanwhile, HTML5 continues to make good progress. I have a page now which shows my progress in replying to e-mails, and as you can see from the changelog tracker, checkins are as fast and furious as ever.

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