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2006-08-10 18:40 UTC SVG Tiny 1.2 in Candidate Wreckommendation stage

Today the W3C announced that SVG Tiny 1.2 entered the Candidate Recommendation stage.

To do this they had to violate the W3C process: they skipped straight from Working Draft to Candidate Recommendation, skipping the required Last Call stage. Oh and they didn't even wait the requisite minimum three week period between drafts. Nor did they respond to all the comments on their last draft.

But those are mere minor problems compared to this:

The SVG group received three hundred or so technical comments (according to their numbers). This is a very small number (CSS 2.1 has received something in the region of a thousand comments). But the shocking thing is, according to their own numbers, they dismissed over 10% of all comments!

This is huge! It's even more frightening when you consider that SVG Tiny 1.2 had a huge number of grammar errors, and so a big fraction of the comments were simply saying that there was a typo here or there.

They had fifteen objections that were so important to the commenters that they were reported as "formal objections" (and that doesn't even include any of the things that I objected to, because apparently I didn't use the right magic phrase when objecting).

I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

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