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2006-05-15 19:00 UTC Late Spring 2006 Travelog: Part 9 (Wireless networks)

There are a lot of wireless networks in the world. Scotland was special. I could only see two networks from Xiven's guest bedroom, and couldn't see any from the top of the local mountain when we climbed it.

Some networks are open. Those are the good ones. Whenever I run a wireless network, I leave mine open, as I am happy to let other people have access to the network. Others require you to pay for access. Those have varying prices, and varying levels of reliability.

They also have varying levels of competence behind the wheel. There is a network accessible from Amsterdam's railway station which requires you to pay with a credit card for access. However, before it lets you pay, it requires that you get an account. To get an account, you just have to give your e-mail address. It then mails you your username and password, which you need to log in, so you can pay.

Anyone else see the problem here?

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