Hixie's Natural Log

2006-02-26 20:54 UTC Sacrifices

Next week is the W3C Technical Plenary, where we all get together and resolve some technical issues in the south of France. Hopefully the CSS working group will be able to get CSS 2.1 out again (in CR). We're almost out of issues, and the new issues we are getting are usually minor stuff like typo fixes and so forth. Makes a change from the kinds of issues we got a few years back which were more along the lines of "this is unimplementable".

For the past few weeks I've been part of the back stage crew of West Bay Opera's Manon Lescaut performance, which has meant enjoying the dubious company of the other crew members, all of which have been doing this for some time. It was my first experience with theatre. Pretty good fun, I have to say.

Last night was the second crew party.

In other news, Kerz and I have now made real tables for my trains, which I am very impressed by. Our new layout is going to be even cooler than the layout we had when it was on the carpet. This is, however, going to mean some more investements in track. We've already run out of turnouts and we're not even half-way done.

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