Hixie's Natural Log

2005-10-14 01:37 UTC Allegiance

It's amusing how much I can't talk about.

I was walking cycling around our campus the other day trying to get to a meeting. I got lost. I saw someone who worked at Google and appeared to be from that part of the campus, so I stopped them and asked:

Excuse me, do you know where building 47 is? We have a building 47?!

I signed a lease earlier this week. I'm a grown boy now.

Soon I will have bought furniture and will be able to invite people to my flat for board games.

I live right by a Trader Joe's, which is awesomeness. Lots of really great food right by my doorstep. Not that I'll be eating at home much given the food at work, but still.

The other day I got hungry but it wasn't 18:30 yet, so the cafe hadn't opened for dinner yet. I cycled around inside the buildings until I found a kitchen with little glasses of fresh blueberries waiting to be eaten.

I've been so swamped with work that for the first time in years I've actually stopped reading bugmail on a regular basis. (It doesn't help that Bugzilla's bugmail filtering features are abysmal don't handle my use cases well.)

Next week is a CSSWG meeting. Between that and a musical I'm going to see with bloo, I'll be taking the train down to San Francisco and back at least seven times in five days, and being driven there and back probably another three.

Life is busy busy busy!