Hixie's Natural Log

2005-07-27 02:40 UTC Three quarters of a week-long weekend

Xiven visited Kamakaze and I this week.

What we've done so far, in no particular order: played Twilight Imperium III, played Robo Rally, played Ricochet Robots, played with my trains, saw the naked statue park, visited Aker Brygge, went to a hardware store, ate at Gio's and Taj Mahal, watched Monarch of the Glen, played Super Smash Brothers Melee, updated the firmware on my router (though that didn't reduce the random dropouts), went to a decent superstore (two bus rides away from my flat), and various other things.

The link is strong, it's disturbing. However it wasn't strong enough to overcome communication problems at the start of the week and so Xiven and I failed to meet at the airport.

Next week I'll be visiting family and friends in Geneva and other parts of Switzerland. Offline. For 15 days. Finally.