Hixie's Natural Log

2004-12-31 02:04 UTC End of year weekend

There are 25 spaces available for the next round of Voidwars, so if you want to play a Web-based graphical real-time long-term strategy game, then go and sign up!

Spaces are limited, the game will start when the game is full (probably on the first of January 2005).

For my birthday I received various cat-related things (yay!) and also the game Tantrix. GwieF, Xiven, and Kam are here for the new year and we played Tantrix. Great game! We also played Bohnanza of course. Another great game. And we played Donkey Konga (with the bongo controller) on Kam's GameCube. Good lord.

(GwieF should get a Web log.)

Earlier we ate raclette (a Swiss dish consisting of melted cheese on potatoes with pickled condiments. Originally we tried eating it with a special (several years old) raclette heating machine, but that blew the fuses repeatedly, so we ended up just melting the cheese in a frying plan with the Aga. It worked well!

Yesterday I saw The Incredibles (for the third time) with Narley and my sis (amongst others) which was fun.

Now we must go back to playing games!