Hixie's Natural Log

2004-12-15 05:05 UTC Nocturnal

I accidentally set off the flat's smoke alarm at 05:20 today. I didn't even know we had one. Usual story — a little smoke from heating an oven that contained a little cooking oil at the bottom of a tray that I hadn't noticed, which the cooker's overhead fan wasn't strong enough to pump out.

Blimey that thing was loud. I nearly had a heart-attack. Unsuprisingly, it woke at least one of my flatmates. I guess that's a good thing, in a way, since it is designed to do that. But still. Suggestion: There could be a way to pre-emptively turn off a smoke alarm situated near a kitchen for a limited time when you know that you're about to let out a lot of innocuous smoke.

Ironically the whole event quite put me off my food.

Earlier I finally finished Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, which I've been reading for a while. Usually I just zip through books but this one was some pretty heavy (though rewarding) reading. Now I'm starting on The Confusion, which is the next one in the series.