Hixie's Natural Log

2004-11-22 23:15 UTC It's really bad! Give us money so we can do it more.

Wired News has an article that discusses a hearing a US Senate committee held in which it was put forward that Internet pornography is more harmful than crack.

The part of the article that I think is particularly worth paying attention to is this paragraph, which comes after many paragraphs explaining how scientists were saying what a terrible addictive effect pornography had on people:

When Brownback asked the panelists for suggestions about what should be done, the responses were mild, considering their earlier indictment of pornography. Several suggested that federal money be allocated to fund brain-mapping studies into the physical effects of pornography.

Allow me to summarise the article.

  1. Scientists do studies on porn and find it to be highly addictive.
  2. Senate asks scientists what should be done.
  3. Scientists suggest that they should do more research.

I can't tell whether this is evidence that the scientists are right about it being addictive, or if it is actually harmless but they are experts at manipulating funding committees into paying them to watch porn.