Hixie's Natural Log

2004-10-31 09:13 UTC SVG 1.2, sources of infinite food, and other ramblings

A few days ago, SVG 1.2 reached Last Call for the first time. About 25 minutes later I sent a rather brief and arrogant last call comment. Today I sent my detailed technical last call comments. They say the same thing, they just took a bit longer to write...

SVG 1.2 is only going to be in last call for another three weeks or so, so if you want to send last call comments of your own, you should do so soon.

In other news, earlier today ben, bryner, dbaron and I went to the Outback. I haven't been there for years. They still serve way too much food. I could have eaten the salad as my main course and the pasta would have kept me sustained for all of tomorrow, I think.

I feel at home in the Bay area, in a way that I don't really feel at home anywhere else. It's a pity California isn't an independent country; I'd probably try to move here if it was. Strangely, though, I do somewhat miss Oslo now too. Hopefully I'll get back safely and be awake enough on Wednesday to attend the Salsa lessons I signed up for. I went to my first lesson about 10 days ago, and it was really fun. I also want to see if I can attend the board game night that I heard is being run at the university.

Saw a couple of films recently — Shark Tale is ok, but by far not the best Dreamworks Animations film (and not even close to the worst Pixar film). The Terminal is a really great film, though. I was thinking it would be a bit cliché, but then was surprised as I was watching it about how good it was, and then realised why it was so good when I saw the credits. Directed by Steven Spielberg. (Which of course means Music By John Williams, too.)

Munchkin Bites is out. But Games of Berkeley didn't have it. Evil people. Stargate SG-1 Season 7 is also out, at least in NTSC format Region 1, but to all appearances won't be coming out in Europe until next March (!).

Thanks to those of you who sent us feedback on the background question I asked, by the way. The conclusion we (the CSS working group) came to is that 'background' will take a comma-separated list of values, top background first. We're still ironing out the kinks in the definition though.

I'll be resuming work on replying to comments on the WHATWG specs in a few days. As some of you may have noticed, the Web Apps spec gained a few sections recently, mostly things I added while I was idling these last few days. As usual let the list know if you have any comments.